Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Social Media or the Destruction of Social reality?

Most Social media, in my book is the death throes  of reality.  It's meteoric rise has now allowed for   a huge percentage  of people in the world to behave in ways, which,  in a normal social situation such as gatherings, pubs, meetings etc they simply would not be allowed to get away with.

because it is in these such normal social situations, that if a person says something, or acts in a way which is either agreeable or disagreeable,  everyone who is involved in that situation can almost instantly judge how to react to it.  Subtle changes in mood, atmospheric pressure, vocal sounds and body language are constantly giving  signals which in turn  allow people  to adjust to something which is felt to be wrong.  Equally it can help to reinforce what is right.. it is a massively fantastic tried and tested system.

However, is it fair to say that Social Media strips all that multi level sensory input  away, it allows for complete autonomy, with very little immediate consequence to a persons action. What i also find manifest is the use of time on different levels being used  as a tool or weapon, for example, if a person, who is not very eloquent or capable of making simple constructive arguments in their daily life, will find that on social Media platforms , they can plan, plot, edit or rewrite what they want to say, in their own time  whereas in a real social situation, this can only be done to a degree.

Time,  when used as a weapon allows  the fully loaded gun of vindictiveness to be perfectly timed to allow for  huge impact. say, if a nasty person wants to target someone, they can plan to fire the bullet at a time of choosing, and  often at times when they know their victim is offline. Then like a little incendiary fire, it can smoulder away, then by the time the target may have seen the post , read it and ingested it, it's too late, it has already been shared many times, posted- PM'd,  Re-tweeted  hash tagged, but what is worst,  is that no matter how the victim reacts,  they can never do it in a way that the social norm  would dictate. Social Media at it's best is OK, at it's worst it is a barbaric asylum, which is a paradise for the vindictive sociopath  misanthropes, to get off on,  as well as  any other type of hater you care to mention,  it is for Jeremy Kyle candidates, and people who think Judge Rinder is the face of Justice. It is for the people the Eugenicists were right about..

 Intelligent people talk to each other, raise constructive arguments and form real alliances.. therefore I will stick to reality with  friends and a coffee thanks, (apologies to the dim-witted  nothing personal) 

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