Monday, 19 February 2018

32 years is far to easy and never will be enough

32 years is far to easy  and never will be  enough

I am a proud Father, granted i have older children, but of them all i must admit have a 5 year old  who is my pride and joy,
I am not a violent man, and will avoid conflict wherever possible, and i am equally proud of the fact that i have never had to use physical punishment, on any of my children , i concede that there have been times that they have very nearly driven  me to it, all kids can do that, we all know it.

However  what i have found  disturbing,   as many people find  is hearing on the news about the  amount of sick deranged mad individuals that  there is  out there  especially  about the charges, conviction and unfolding story of  Matthew Falder, who has been sentenced to 32 years, for crimes  ranging from  Paedophilia, Rape and Blackmail, and god knows what else

Now i look at my 5 yo Boy  with love and affection as any father would, he is insane, funny, rude loving, chaos on legs, naughty and affectionate,  and all those constituents  make him a brilliant human being.. And i know that heart of hearts,  i would kill and be killed to protect him..

AND YET this society finds it  acceptable to simply put behind bars  these vapid bastards who  do what they do for nothing more than  their own gratification, with no thought of the life changing, devastating  consequence it has on others, and all  we do is  lock them up.???

Now maybe this is  controversial, and i know there is some dudley- do-right- types out there who will get rubbed up the wrong way,

But really  isn’t it about time we simply destroyed these bastards. As soon as it’s proven what they have done. The second  that their laptops, PCs ETC. Show that they have been looking at children being abused, people being  raped, or brutalised,,  would it not be simpler to put them death.. Let's face it they serve no purpose to our society, they have no function in life, they don’t add anything to enrich  the lives of normal people, lets face it  they are useless. They only want to destroy for their own gratification,

Rough estimates Calculate  that the conviction of a person amounts in the region of £65k-£100k, (police, defence,  processing, Court etc ) then, once convicted a conservative estimate of £45000  per year is put on what it will cost to hold them in a prison, which we, the good old taxpayer stumps up.  But Hey lets put this bastard  in prison for 32 years, which will  it equates  to well over 14 million. At the very basic value of internment  he will be housed, and fed, kept warm and clothed, he will pay no taxes.  any debts that he has  will be un -collectable, he won’t pay council tax , nor for gas and electric,

Hands up anyone reading this who has to get up for work tomorrow, or worried about the next gas bill..

Then remember the soul destroyer who will  cost us all approx £14 million

Then remember that


Over a period of time his,background a life story will be examined and pulled apart by the tabloids, they will publish articles from people who knew anything about him, there will be a neighbour who says he was very quiet and insular,, then someone who went  school with him   will say that “certain things he did was always odd” books will be written about him

But tell me  who will account for the real victims, the people that have  suffered damaging Physical and Mental abuse, what about them?

Of course there will be those who say that “the death penalty is not the answer”  “it is no deterrent, it will not bring back the dead, nor restore people's lives” of course it won't

But my current view is this, i am so sick and tired of letting the sick fuckers have the run of it, i will take a chance on it being a deterrent or not, this is not the 40’s or 50’s where people were wrongly found guilty and hanged for it, modern policing is far more sophisticated, and if the execution of one paedophile stops another from abusing a child then it is a deterrent and it will be a minor victory

My Vote is let's get rid of them, save our children and have a party straight after

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